What To Look For In Lower Back Pain Mattress?

26 Apr

Many factors may lead to or exacerbate back pain, and one of them is sleeping on a mattress that fails to have enough spinal support. A poor sleeping pose places pressure on the spinal discs, nerves, muscles, tendons, and ligaments and pulls the spine out of balance, causing discomfort in the neck and back.

A strong sleeping position means preserving the average orientation of the spine overnight. A mattress offering comfort and cushion is preferable for people with low back discomfort since it promotes healthy sleeping positions. The sort of mattress, degree of firmness, and additional comfort features are all items to remember while shopping for a bed to relieve back pain.

Memory foam:

Memory foam mattresses are for people with back pain because they provide contouring support, unlike every other mattress. Their power to contour the body helps them to spread the weight and ease body strain uniformly. Back pain sufferers love the sponge-like padding of memory foam mattresses, and they’re tender on pain, reducing stiffness.

Though memory foam is cushioning and pain-relieving, sleepers with back pain still require support—and not all memory foam mattresses will offer that. Look into a zoned support bed to locate the right memory foam mattress. Zoned service technologies have differing degrees of comfort to better support body sections. These devices promote proper spinal balance by lifting the spine and cushioning shoulders and hips.


Latex mattresses are constructed of plastic or natural rubber latex. They feature layers of latex filler, supporting foundation. Like memory foam, these mattresses have some contouring, but their bouncer feel keeps them from cradling you like memory foam.

Like memory foam, latex mattresses provide pain-relieving properties and can be a better option for low back pain people. Latex provides a more relaxed and lifter feel than memory foam contouring and cradling. So, depending on your sleeping location, you may prefer each other’s feelings. Anyway, a bed that molds the body is necessary to reduce discomfort as it relieves pressure points.

Innerspring Mattress:

An innerspring mattress features a central help with a thinly padded comfort cover. An innerspring mattress is not approved for low back pain. Their coil architecture has no contouring or pressure relief. They can have a bouncing, springy feeling that may be too firm for anyone with low back pain.


A hybrid mattress combines an innerspring and an all-foam mattress with at least two inches of foam in its top sheet. This is particularly suitable for heavy sleepers since the coils provide an extra layer of reinforcement to withstand the additional weight. Firm mattresses were considered to be the safest for those with lower back pain. But, a mattress so rigid can’t accommodate the spine’s standard curve. On the other side, a too heavy mattress would not offer enough protection. A medium-firm mattress is the best combination of support and flexibility for low back pain. To find the best mattress for lower back pain, visit bestmattress-brand.org.