How to Recycle Old Mattress?

26 Apr

The typical mattress is 40 cubic feet in size, so a year’s worth of unused mattresses would take up over 132,000 square miles of landfill space. Mattress holders in the United States are urged to dispose of their old mattresses by alternate means to reduce waste and save landfill space. This guide will include information about how to donate, recycle, resell, and reuse used mattresses. Please visit to know more about recycling old mattress.

  • Removing Junk

If there are no thrift shops, recycling centers, or other services in your area that accept used mattresses, a trash removal service could be your best option. Global corporations that represent households throughout the world are among these alternatives. Local junk removal services are also readily available. Because of the new focus on landfill recycling practices, often they prefer to recycle or give used mattresses until they are taken to the site.

Let’s go over the steps for contracting a firm to cut your mattress one by one.

  1. Before getting rid of an old mattress, check the warranties. The vendor or maker of the mattress can provide free buy-back and disposal services.
  2. Determine the mattress’s weight. Some junk removal companies charge by the amount of junk removed, while others charge a flat fee per piece.
  3. Compare the costs of all possible alternatives by researching national and local junk removal services in your region. On top of the per-item removal charges, some businesses charge an extra fee for home-based pickups.
  4. Break It Down and Put It Back Together Again.

Next, we’ll look through specific methods to dismantle an outdated or used mattress and repurpose various parts.

  1. The average mattress contains 25 pounds of steel, most of which is found in the springs. Steel can be melted down to make a variety of different parts and components. Cut all of your mattress’s springs and other steel components, then pack them up and exchange them for scrap. With a fast Internet search, you will find scrap yards and metal recyclers in your town. Rates can vary depending on where you are, so you can expect to gain about $10 per 100 pounds of scrap metal.
  2. Shredded polyurethane foam from mattresses may be used for pillows, carpeting, pet bedding, car seat cushions, and other forms of padding throughout the home. Memory foam and acrylic foam will also be reused in the same way.
  3. Most mattresses are made up of natural fabrics such as cotton, wool, silk, and synthetic fibers such as polyester and rayon. Most natural and artificial materials in a mattress can be recycled. Mattress fabrics, like foam, maybe repurposed for padding or insulation.
  4. After the mattress has been dismantled, the wooden pieces can be used for various purposes. This wood can be shredded and used as a planting or lawn mulch in addition to being used as firewood.
  5. Buttons, braiding, and other decorative elements may be repurposed for DIY sewing projects and other domestic crafts. • Nails, screws, and other small metal pieces in good condition can be removed from the mattress and reused for various household projects.
  6. Innovative Solutions

Finally, consider those imaginative and enjoyable ways to repurpose your old or used mattress.

  1. Mattress springs can be used in a variety of arts and crafts projects. Decorative candle and plant holders, wall sconces, picture frames, and backyard trellises are only a few examples.
  2. Mattress springs can also make metal wreath displays and tree ornaments if you love holiday decorating.
  3. A comfortable bed for your pets can be made out of an old foam mattress.
  4. Chair, Bean pads, cushions, stuffed animal filler, pillows, and dishwashing sponges are other applications for old memory foam padding.
  5. According to Green Diary, you can boost the backyard compost pile by using old mattress parts. Use the slats to build a solid compost container, and then spread mattress filling and fibers around the compost to keep pests away.
  6. Throw away the rugs for your foyer, garage, laundry room, or shed can be made from the sturdy cotton upholstery of an old mattress.
  7. over 1,000 designs are featuring old mattresses on the DIY concept website Pinterest.
  8. Make a portrait or other art project out of your recycled mattress.